Round 3: Final Round

The top six students with the highest scores from round two will be invited to participate in round 3. The in-person event will take place on November 18th.


Now that Wear Brims has agreed to sell their products on Amazon AND adopt Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Brands + Video, up-sell the client on using an additional Sponsored Ads solution - Sponsored Display Remarketing. Highlight on the ad product complements a complete advertising strategy for the success of the  business on Amazon.

Please prepare a 10 -15 minute presentation with 5 minutes saved at the end for Q&A.

Ensure to include the following content:

  • A PowerPoint presentation
  • An introduction including your name, major, graduation date
  • Why a brand should advertise on Amazon leveraging data
  • Why a brand should use Sponsored Display leveraging data
  • Discuss how Sponsored Display works
  • Take into consideration what is unique about a luxury brand selling and advertising on Amazon
  • Provide a data driven budget recommendation for the ad product
  • Closing with strong next steps

What we will be grading for:

  • A strong introduction
  • The why to advertise on Amazon was clear and easy to understand
  • The presenter spoke with volume, at a good pace, and was able to succinctly communicate complex ideas
  • The presenter showed a good understanding of Sponsored Display including the value proposition and how it works
  • The presenter built a compelling narrative aligned to client goals
  • The presenter was personable and showed the ability to connect with the client
  • Includes a media plan including budget for the ad product
  • Strong close

Example Presentation:

Will be presented at the competition on November 17th


The top three students will place and receive monetary prizes.