Round 2: In-person Round

Congratulations on advancing to round 2! The in-person event will take place on November 17th. However, traveling schools will arrive November 16th.


Scenario: You are an Account Executive with Amazon Ads and you have convinced Wear Brims to sell their products on Amazon. They have been selling their products on Amazon for one full year and they have only used Sponsored Product campaigns. The brand is now looking for additional ways to reach more shoppers and increase their total sales.Prompt: Construct a 10-15 minute presentation (saving the last 5 minutes for questions) and educate Wear Brims as to how/why they should leverage Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Brands Video ad campaigns to grow their business. Each pitch should include the following content: 

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Introduction including your name, major, graduation date
  • Pitch Sponsored Brands + Sponsored Brands Video (Value Prop, Targeting, Placements, Pricing Structure)
  • Incorporate a minimum of 1 slide from the Product Data section and 2 slides from the Sales Tools section in the attached PPT into your presentation
  • Within the speaker notes of these slides, you will find descriptions of the data that is being illustrated. Feel free to update the format of these slides, we are solely interested in the way you internalize and speak to the data.
  • Provide a data driven budget recommendation for Q1 (Jan-March) of 2023
  • Closing with Next Steps

 Feel free to get creative and add insights/data that you find externally as you do your research


Example Presentation:


The top six students with the highest scores will be invited to participate in round three - the final round. All students will be notified the evening of the 17th.